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Investigative Success Stories

Keys to Our Success – Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism


This past year, we as a Professional Investigative Company, have experienced great success.  Many of the cases we have been involved with have  given our clients the outcomes they hired us to obtain. All coming about by the professional expertise that our investigators possess. It is easy to make claims such as this without providing details to prove it. This being said we are not in a position to give details openly.  What we can do, is provide you with references that can tell you of our abilities and achievements.

Monetarily, we have saved a sector of clients over 1 million dollars in payouts. In terms of justice, we have given our clients an equitable outcome in the majority of cases. The most recent investigation achieving a Nolle Pros from a local jurisdiction.

What are the keys to our success?  Honesty-We have the ability to approach each case with an open mind. As a result we can find the truth and report it as we find it.  Integrity– We don’t alter or fabricate information to benefit our clients or make ourselves look good. A common phrase we use is, “it is what it is”. Professionalism– Our investigators possess and maintain the highest degree of ability. We not only have a great deal of experience but we don’t just settle on past experiences.  We continue to educate ourselves to achieve greater knowledge within our profession.

If you would like more information or would like to contact our references please don’t hesitate to call or fill out a request form for services.



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