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Taser Sales & Training

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Providence Executive Protection and Security is a licensed dealer/trainer for TASER International and Michigan TASER Distributing. Currently, Michigan law prohibits the sale of these devices to anyone other than a licensed CPL holder, Law Enforcement Personnel, licensed Professional Investigator or Security Professionals.

We are a licensed dealer and trainer for TASER.  We currently sell the civilian C2 model. This device can be purchased in one of 5 colors and comes with LASER, LED, 2 Live Cartridges, 1 Training Cartridge, Holster, LPM and Target.

The MSRP for the device is $399. Cost for training is based on the size of the class. We also sell C2 TASER accessories. Buyers of the device are responsible to have TASER run a background check before activation of the purchased device. Licensing proof will be required. TASERS are not considered a firearm.

For more information on sales, product discounts, availability or training please contact us.