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The Providence Advantage

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If you are involved in a civil custody dispute, looking for a missing person or assets, looking to adopt or believe that a collision repair facility may have taken advantage of you, these are but a few services we offer our clients. Providence-Specialized Investigative Solutions can supply you with comprehensive investigation that is not only reliable but discreet.  Check out our full list of services that give you a quality investigative product .


Whether you are a corporation or an attorney, Providence-Specialized Investigative Solutions is your right choice for investigations. Our experienced investigators are knowledgeable in both criminal and civil investigations and have numerous hours of courtroom and deposition testimony proficiency. Our professionals can conduct in depth interviews;  gather needed documents and records; conduct thorough scene evaluations, photography and diagramming; obtain valued and relevant evidence, just to name a few.  Contact us for client testimonies or details on how we can help.

Insurance Investigations

Providence-SIS has knowledge and experience in insurance investigations.

Many carriers today, the role of the SIU investigator has taken on an increasing amount of tasks.  No longer is the investigator merely going out in the field to conduct interviews or obtain other evidence to evaluate the claims.

The demands of database research, including underwriting, as well as numerous other tasks associated with the current claims environment, make it tougher for many carrier investigators to get out in the field.  There are also increased litigation issues once a claim is denied or compromised. These all add up to “office-based investigation” that consumes valuable time. Many important issues within the investigation can be overlooked.

Carrier investigator have a “cycle” time for an assigned claim. This is a vital measuring indicator for senior management.  Completing both the increased “office” investigations and the necessary field work makes it tough to get the cycle time to the numbers that senior management strives for in their reviews.

Outside private investigator firms with experienced claims investigators, such as ours, can bring a better understanding to claim investigative needs.

The “PROVIDENCE Advantage” is the experience we possess in investigating suspicious claims.  Our investigators have been in the shoes of the SIU Professional and understand the pressures of both the SIU and the management staff that directs the claims. We can help!  Contact us and see what we can do for you.