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At Providence-Specialized Investigative Solutions we offer Computer and Cell Phone Forensic.

An insurance client has recently obtained our services to download information from their insured’s cell phone and camera at an EUO.  The insured was instructed to bring the devices to their EUO with the knowledge that a download would be performed on all devices.  The insured’s arrived 10 minutes late and informed the parties that they did not bring the camera and they were not going to allow their cell phones to be checked for related claim information.  Both insured’s left the EUO with the knowledge that failure to respond to the request could be cause for denial.

Today, electronic devices are an integral part of our lives. People from all aspects of life possess these devices and are being used constantly.

Whether in a criminal or civil venue these devices potentially contain valuable information.  As long as the owner is aware of the intentions of an SIU or Private Investigator the information contained within these devices can prove beneficial.

Next time in the midst of an investigation ask yourself; is there a computer, camera, GPS or cell phone that may aid in proving or dis-proving a person’s statement?  If so consider having that information retrieved.

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